Welcome to SourwoodHoney.com, Home to Real Sourwood Honey.

Welcome to the home of sourwoodhoney.com, where you can purchase sourwood honey from North Carolina's Sourwood Country,
"Real Sourwood Honey, Sourwood Honey just as pure as our bees can make it! " â„¢. Our Sourwood Honey is never blended; and, it's straight from a real North Carolina Sourwood Honey Beekeeper. Here at sourwoodhoney.com we have a name to live up to: Sourwood Honey! 

I am a full-time commercial North Carolina beekeeper and my honey bees produce the very rare and wonderful naturally aromatic, smooth and flavorful SOURWOOD HONEY that we harvest, pack and sell. Our SOURWOOD  yards, or apiaries, are carefully selected for their ability to produce maximum yields of top quality sourwood honey. We now have our sourwood yards in over four North Carolina counties and one Virginia County in the very heart of the Sourwood Country of the Blue Ridge mountains. Needless to say, our honeybees produce some of the finest Sourwood Honey in the World.

About sourwoodhoney.com & Norton's Nut & Honey Farm-Chuck Norton:

But, it takes more than just hives of bees to produce the finest sourwood honey available, it takes expertise, critical timing, planning, and attention to detail in the beeyard and in the honey house to make quality sourwood honey. Our Sourwood Honey is taken only from the foothills and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia above the 1000 feet elevation. We put on our Sourwood Honey supers just as the sourwood trees start flowering. We take off our Sourwood Honey supers just at the end of the bloom. This assures a quality product and a very high concentration of Sourwood Honey. All our honey is processed in the same manner with the same amount of attention and care. I hope that this will be your home for sourwood honey too!

About Our Processing Operations:

We provide all our mail order customers with what we believe to be  top quality SOURWOOD HONEY that is never heated nor filtered and is packed and delivered to your mailbox just for you. Our wholesale and retail operations are handled in the same manner. We use only stainless steel and food grade plastics in our de-capping, extracting, clarifying, straining, and storage processes. We have a dedicated sanitary facility for packing and processing our honey under inspection by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Apiary Services.

Our honey is bottled to order, which brings you the freshest quality, flavors and aroma possible. 

I am an engineer and have worked for such high tech companies as Hughes Aircraft and Ford Aerospace; there I learned the values of quality control and responsibility to the customer. These same concepts of quality are built into all our operations from hive assembly and management to bottling and packaging our quality products. We truly strive to produce the finest and highest quality sourwood honey possible for our customers.

Our gentle method of processing our Sourwood Honey is preferred by honey purists and is often called RAW HONEY. Raw honey is the best most flavorful honey that you can buy!  Raw honey is strained, never filtered, never heated; and there truly is a difference. Our sourwood honey is  brought to you with a minimum of processing; yet it is a beautiful brilliant honey with all the natural fla
vor and characteristics  that you would expect. There truly is a difference in our sourwood honey!

Once you try our sourwood honey you will want more, and your friends will want some too: Sourwood honey that is "Real Sourwood Honey, Sourwood Honey just as pure as our bees can make it !"   


For more information on sourwood honey please visit http://www.sourwoodhoney.com

2014 Prices:

Our 2014 Sourwood Honey is priced here for glass jars:

        Glass Pints (22 0z.): $19.25 each

Our 2014 Sourwood Honey is priced here for plastic jars:

        8 ounce jar:  $6.50 each (Yellow Flip top only)

16 ounce jar: $12.50 each  (Mini-Bee or Yellow Flip top)

24 ounce jar, $18.00 each (Yellow Flip top only)


 Glass Jars: If you want your honey in glass jars please add $2.75 per quart jar, $1.50 per pint jar, and $1.00 per one pound jar for special packaging in addition to the published S&H pricing. Every effort is make for safe packaging of glass jars including Special Labeling and Packaging Materials but we still cannot always insure your glass purchases due to mishandling by the postal services.

Plastic Jars: All our mail order plastic containers are clear plastic with either a white plastic screw cap with a foam cap seal (Mini-Bee) or a re-closeable Flip top yellow cap with a foam cap seal. We use plastic by default because glass will sometimes break while in transit.

S&H Prices Effective July 1, 2014:
All products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping & Handling is based on net weight, the weight of the HONEY or the BEESWAX that you purchase, not the total weight of the shipment. The cost is $6.95 for the first pound (16 ounces), over 16 ounces please add $2.95 for each additional pound to 4 pounds. For product weight over 4 pounds please add $1.95 per pound thereafter. Please convert fractions of pounds to ounces or ask for a quote.

My email address is carolinabeeman@bellsouth.net